Time Recorder - Security Control / PR 600

One of popular time recorder has been released. Simple and easy in uses. Engineered for value and simplicity, the EX3500N series is an electronic time recorder designed specifically for small business to easily and accurately log employee punch times.

Features :

  • The first electronic watchman's time recorder introduced in the world and keeps extremely accurate time by quarz time base.
  • Regular dry cell battery can operates for at least 6 months, (No need to wind a spring regularly.) The light on the clock face indicates when the battery must be replaced.
  • Shock absorber equipped in the machine to absorb the shock from possible mishandling.
  • The length of the record tape: 12M per 1 roll. 2.000 imprints available.
  • Clear imprint on the record tape. Easy to read.
  • No inked ribbon used.
  • With clock face - easy to read the time.
  • Portable - easy to carry, and the cover case is made from polycarbonate bearable even for 250 Kgs pressure.

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